We've traditionally had a day or two of content for httpd... has anyone added 
an item to the form? I cannot see the backing database/spreadsheet in the 
apachecon gsuite location...

If not, I can propose and coordinate the track... hopefully with others 
(Daniel?, Bill?) who are also on planners@, providing backup as I become busy 
at the start of the semester.
Daniel Ruggeri

On November 27, 2018 8:30:51 AM CST, Rich Bowen <rbo...@apache.org> wrote:
>Save the date: ApacheCon North America will be held in Las Vegas, at
>Flamingo Hotel, September 9th through 12th, 2019. This is our 20th
>anniversary event, and we really want you, your project, and its
>community, to be involved.
>If you want to be part of making this event happen, please join the
>privately-archived planners@ mailing list by sending email to
>planners-subscr...@apachecon.com from your apache.org email address.
>A call for presentations will be announced soon. You should start
>some thought to what story your project wants to tell at this event,
>working with your project community to craft presentations around that
>We will have a number of spaces for projects to conduct project
>hackathons, or mini-conferences, lasting anywhere from a half day to
>entire four days of the event.
>If your project, or group of several related projects, would like to
>claim an entire track (one, two, or three days of content) and craft
>that story yourselves, please propose your track or summit here:
>The deadline for proposing a project/topic event is January 7th, (The
>first Monday of the new year) so that we can reflect these topics in
>If your project holds your own standalone events(s) please consider
>co-locating with ApacheCon this coming year. We’ll help you promote
>event, both as part of ApacheCon, and as its own brand. You get the
>of both worlds - you get your own event, with control of your content,
>and you get to be part of a larger convention with a broader audience.
>This is your conference, and we are counting on you to step up and make
>it yours.
>Stay tuned for more information, on the planners list, and on our
>Twitter account @apachecon. And we look forward to seeing you to see
>in Vegas in September!
>Rich Bowen, VP Conferences, and the ApacheCon Planners

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