Thanks for the update, Stefan!

> Am 22.01.2019 um 13:42 schrieb Stefan Sperling <>:
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 01:31:43PM +0100, Rainer Jung wrote:
>> Here's the response we have compiled from Daniel, Stefan and others:
> FYI, I have disabled pool debugging in OpenBSD's port of APR.
> We are now using Yann's patch to force the default allocator to
> call free(3) when APR pools are cleared:
> This change only affects OpenBSD -current.
> I do not plan to backport a patch to the OpenBSD 6.4 release.
> We have had no reports indicating that http2 was crashing on OpenBSD.
> The likely reason is that nobody is actually running such a setup.
> If people intend to run such a setup, they should use -current for now,
> or wait until OpenBSD 6.5 is released.

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