Thanks Stefan,

I think the "400" issue is fixed (r1853518, added to backport
proposal), but two tests keep failing for in the test suite, namely
test_004_post and test_500_proxy. They fail with or without my changes
(trunk and 2.4.x), so I don't think it's related (mod_proxy does not
seem to be reached for failing requests)..

My system is debian/openssl-1.1.1a, dunno if openssl version is
related but forcing "SSLProtocol TLSv1.2" didn't help.
The attached tarball contains an "output.log" (from: make test 2>&1
|tee output.log), "mod_h2-test.diff" which is the configuration
changes I ran with (mainly trace6 with dumpio, and a small/unrelated
ProxyPass "fix" for the trailing slash), and finally the error_log


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