Awesome, great work Stefan, thanks a lot!

On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 4:22 PM <> wrote:
> After some learning experience (*cough*) I committed a new
> version of the scripts, now in $DEV_TOOLS/release that go
> so far as staging local changes to all repositories after
> a successful vote.
> I will test some more tomorrow and add the announce mailing
> part. The real test will then come when actually doing a
> release as testing is hard to cover all code paths otherwise.
> I have silently sneaked in - as some fringe benefit to all
> the pain - a '-rcN' suffix for vote candidates. Since we
> will be able to cancel a release much later now without
> modifying a source repository.
> The -rcN tars for voting are named as such, but the directories
> contained have the version without any suffix. So, a -rcN
> tar can be renamed to the release tar without changes when
> the vote has passed.
> Cheers, Stefan

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