When I need to isolate clusters in the same network I pass
-DIGNITE_OVERRIDE_MCAST_GRP=x.x.x.x to java process starting node or
-J-DIGNITE_OVERRIDE_MCAST_GRP=x.x.x.x as ignite.sh parameter.


2016-09-20 16:52 GMT+03:00 李玉珏@163 <18624049...@163.com>:

> Guys:
> in our network, we want to isolate some of the machine to build cluster
> for testing, I looked at the following document,also do the test, but found
> that this document may not be correct:
> https://apacheignite.readme.io/v1.7/docs/cluster-config#isol
> ated-ignite-clusters-on-the-same-set-of-machin
> If the addresses property of TcpDiscoveryVmIpFinder is set to,
> multiple ignite nodes started in the same machine,is the isolation of
> cluster, has nothing to do with the localPort attribute, if do not set the
> addresses property, even if the localPort property of TcpDiscoverySpi and
> TcpCommunicationSpi are diff, also belong to the same cluster.
> The way I think is to set the IP address list for the addresses property,
> but it doesn't look elegant, does anyone in the community know the right,
> or elegant way?

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