Roman, Dmitry,

I also reviewed the fix and the code looks OK to me. But the fix has
significant implication - Ignite no longer can be used with spring-data 1.0
due to no backward compatibility between spring 2.0 and 1.0 APIs. With this
approach we must remember to add corresponding spring-data migration
instructions to the future ignite 2.5 migration guide.

We could keep spring 1 support and backward compatibility by creating a new
module "ignite-spring-2-data" and keeping existing ignite-spring-data as
is. I do not like this option since to me increased complexity and
maintainability costs overweight the benefits of protecting
"Ignite-spring-1" users.

I suggest you find a committer (see this list
<>), communicate
the implication I mentioned above and say that two people already approved
the code providing we are OK with the chosen approach.

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