Fair enough Philip.  I will do some more research and add the results of that 
research to IMPALA-3343 at a minimum.  I don't currently have an impala 
development environment configured, along with test case execution, and I have 
enough other project work going on that I don't know if I really have the time 
to do that incremental infrastructure building.  I've done enough research to 
find some tools to help with Python 2 to 3 conversions, and see that there will 
be at least a little bit more than print statements.

What I know I can do is start modifying my local copy of the file and see if I 
can get impala-shell working again for myself, and share the results of that 
research / exploration.


On 2/14/18, 1:58 PM, "Philip Zeyliger" <phi...@cloudera.com> wrote:

    I'm not aware of anyone having tried it, so I don't think we know. I'd also
    check in on Thrift's support for Python3. That seems like the most likely
    library. You can certainly give removing print a shot!
    -- Philip
    On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 11:50 AM, Diggs, Asoka <asoka.di...@intel.com>
    > I have just encountered this error myself after my project made the
    > decision to switch from Python 2 to 3.
    > I’ve added a comment to the JIRA with some additional details from my own
    > encounter with the error.
    > Looking at the impala-shell.py file, it’s clear that the error I
    > encountered – print statements formulated using Python 2 syntax that is 
    > compatible with Python 3 – exist throughout the code.  If this is the
    > extent of the incompatibility, then that’s a problem I am ready and 
    > to tackle.
    > Is there reason to believe that this problem is as simple as changing
    > print statement syntax, or reason to believe it is significantly more than
    > that?
    > Thanks for the insight.
    > Asoka Diggs

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