This is the second release candidate for Apache Impala (incubating) 2.7.0:

The purpose of this thread is to gather feedback on the release
candidate to see if a third release candidate is needed or if we can
go ahead and vote on rc2.

The git tag of the tree I made the tarball from is "2.7.0-rc2":;a=tag;h=cabaa58fa5c15b0457c520a658dc74b4d174b1c7

That is commit:


and this tree:



You can find instructions for how to evaluate a release candidate here:

Here is a copy of that section of the wiki:

1. Download the tarball. Check the signature and the checksums.

# change to a new directory
cd $(mktemp -d)

# Download the keys of the release managers
gpg --import KEYS

# Set the keys of the release managers as trusted
gpg --edit-key jbapple trust
# At the prompt, enter '5' for "I trust ultimately", then 'y' for
"yes", then 'q' for "quit"

# Download the release artifacts:

# Check the checksums:
md5sum --check apache-impala-incubating-x.y.z.tar.gz.md5
sha1sum --check apache-impala-incubating-x.y.z.tar.gz.sha

# Check the signature:
gpg --verify apache-impala-incubating-x.y.z.tar.gz.asc

2. Check that it matches the upstream tag
# move to your git directory and checkout the tag:
cd incubator-impala
git fetch apache --tags
git checkout x.y.z-rcw

# compare the tarball and the repo:
cd ..
tar xzf apache-impala-incubating-x.y.z.tar.gz
diff -r apache-impala-incubating-x.y.z incubator-impala
# You should see something like "Only in incubator-impala: .git", but
no other output

3. Test the release quality, possibly using bin/

4. Check compliance with ASF release policy. Use Apache RAT and follow
the instructions in bin/ to check licence


Changes since the last release candidate:

1. Minor changes in the way the release candidate was made (directory
name in tarball, location on, filename). The current
procedure is documented on

2. Un-break building from non-git directories:;a=commit;h=9f08d1ab3c876dc1fc92c9decb8104400eaeec7c

3. RAT script to check licensing:;a=commit;h=85a0e36423c6c938c1a540629c16d27b3a9e1522

4. License fixes:;a=commit;h=586ae2d7f357d1b2fd0d7b59dad0229e7383747d;a=commit;h=d385ac72d1400a6c1eb5da6de6f8c28aba33a3d4;a=commit;h=fb646d1b06a21f44518616bd49a91b88998ff602;a=commit;h=53439d3d8cdca2dd1ca2cdf2c36c6a7ef101f7e3

5. Remove 'cdh' from version string:;a=commit;h=046267b72e5b63b134a4ef004ccde2a268a9ae42

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