while reviewing Impala website

I've come across a few issues that need
to be corrected soon in order to get the site
in line with ASF branding guidelines for podling

First of all, since your community hasn't had a single
release yet, you need to get rid of
   Dowload (at the top)
   Try as VM
   Try as Docker Image
   Try in the Cloud buttons
since they all point to something that clearly has no
relationship to Apache Impala (incubating) and is
very confusing to the users who may assume that
these are links to official releases.

I also suggest that you start migrating your docs to
ASF and get rid of Docs button linking to cloudera.com
published Impala Docs. If you click on that Docs link
it says (at the top of the page)
   This is the documentation for Cloudera Enterprise 5.8.x.
and then it proceeds to talk about Apache Impala (incubating).
This is misleading for the same reasons -- there's no such
thing as publicly available  Apache Impala (incubating)
until you have your first release.

Contribute and Git Hub buttons at the top still point to
Cloudera's GitHub. This has to change ASAP.

Please CC me directly if you have any further questions. I'm not
subscribed to this mailing list.


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