This vote is about whether to release Apache Impala (incubating) 2.7.0
release candidate 3.

The artifacts for testing are here:

They correspond to the git tag 2.7.0-rc3, tree

This vote will remain open for 72 hours.

Anyone can vote, but only the votes of PMC members are binding.
Available votes are +1 and -1. If there are three binding +1 votes and
more binding +1 votes then binding -1 votes, the vote passes. If the
vote passes, I will initiate a vote on this release candidate with the
Incubator PMC.

A +1 vote means "I have downloaded the signed source code package,
compiled it as provided, and tested the resulting executable on my own
platform, along with also verifying that the package meets the
requirements of the ASF policy on releases."

The ASF policy on releases is here:

Special extra rules for Incubator releases are here:

-1 votes should be accompanied by a reason.

After a vote, the voter should include "(binding)" or "(non-binding)"
indicating their status as PMC members or PMC non-members. Example:
"+1 (non-binding)"

Instructions on downloading and checking the release candidate are
available at

Reply via email to