Hi All,

I am building Impala-toolchain on ppc64le. However, while building Kudu's
thirdparty "libstdc++-v3", I have encountered following errors:
Error1: clang-3.8: error: unsupported option '-print-multi-os-directory'
Error2: clang-3.8: error: unknown argument: '-mlong-double-64'

I couldn't find any documentation to find the equivalent options to be used
on ppc64le. To get around the Error1, , I have removed the
-print-multi-os-directory option and continued with the build.

The build has surely progressed with this work-around, however, I need to
1. What is the impact of removing "-print-multi-os-directory" ? Will it
significantly affect the functionality  for Impala ?
2. Can I take the same approach for the Error2 ? What will be the impact on
functionality ?
3. If removing the above two options has a significant impact, then, could
you share the documentation/equivalent options to be used for ppc64le ?

Any pointers on this issue will be helpful.


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