Hi Andi

just an fyi, I'm currently merging maint-1.16.1 into master.

I'm thinking of cutting a 2.0.0-M1 release (from the master branch) at some
point quite soon.

Can I check, what's the current state of master and the various feature
branches.  I see:

- ISIS-1846_internal_utils - this looks like further useful stuff, and I
know that master has already merged some of this branch in.  Could the new
commits be merged into master (a fast-forward merge, I think)?
- ISIS-1740_where_am_i - my recollection was this was close to being done
and could be merged in (behind a config option?).
- ISIS-1852_parallel_stream_patch - this looks like a bit of a spike to
support some JEE use cases, should this be based on M2?

We also have for M2:

- dev/2.0.0-M2 which has the DN 5.1 and much more of the JEE stuff
- ISIS-1779-jax-rs-2 ... hmm, looks like all of this branch except the very
last commit (Transition to JAX-RS 2.0 Client API) was actually rebased onto
dev/2.0.0-M2.  So, I think this last commit needs to be cherry-picked onto


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