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On 14.02.2018 12:55, Dan Haywood wrote:
> Hi Andi
> just an fyi, I'm currently merging maint-1.16.1 into master.
> I'm thinking of cutting a 2.0.0-M1 release (from the master branch) at
> some point quite soon.  
> Can I check, what's the current state of master and the various
> feature branches.  I see:
> - ISIS-1846_internal_utils - this looks like further useful stuff, and
> I know that master has already merged some of this branch in.  Could
> the new commits be merged into master (a fast-forward merge, I think)?
This branch introduces the new 'Internal API', a collection of code
idioms frequently used in isis-core-applib. If we commit to using this
Internal API, we should merge this branch into 2.0.0-M1 as soon as
possible. (Not sure if a fast forward will work ... there's a lot of
code being moved around, but you may definitely try.)

> - ISIS-1740_where_am_i - my recollection was this was close to being
> done and could be merged in (behind a config option?). 
Yes is ready, can be merged in. Only documentation is missing. We have
config options to enable or disable this feature. It introduces a new
annotation in applib: @Parent

> - ISIS-1852_parallel_stream_patch - this looks like a bit of a spike
> to support some JEE use cases, should this be based on M2?
No ISIS-1852 [1] is rather a severe issue, which also affects 1.16. (It
prevents use of parallel streams on collections of domain objects.)

> We also have for M2:
> - dev/2.0.0-M2 which has the DN 5.1 and much more of the JEE stuff
> - ISIS-1779-jax-rs-2 ... hmm, looks like all of this branch except the
> very last commit (Transition to JAX-RS 2.0 Client API) was actually
> rebased onto dev/2.0.0-M2.  So, I think this last commit needs to be
> cherry-picked onto M2?
Let's not worry about ISIS-1779-jax-rs-2 too much right now. The last
commit [2] is kind of an experiment, and maybe I need to redo some of
these ideas anyway.

> thanks
> Dan


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