On 02.10.2011 23:17, Philippe Mouawad wrote:
> Ok, hope we can do the same.

See https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XMLBEANS-447

We are not the only people, who doubt it's correct to include that class ...

There was also a discussion some time ago in another ASF project,
because the Sun license which is cited by Doug Lea has a "no use in
nuclear facilities clause", which make it non-usable as an Open Source

It looks like we are stuck here.

And the mentioning of the Harmony class in the above cited issue is a
red herring. Diffing it with the JDK 5 standard ConcurrentHashMap shows
little difference, so I doubt it will be much faster (though I didn't
inspect the delta in detail).

> I must say I don't understand why ConcurrentReaderHashMap is not in JDK.

There's a discussion list for JSR166 (the concurrency stuff lead by Doug
Lea) mentioned on the JSR 166 page maintained by Doug Lea. So maybe you
can post a technical question there (what's the right class that solve
the following problem ... and doesn't have sun licensing restrictions).



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