does the following

This logic seems wrong to me

*if (href == null && respMap.containsKey(href)) {*

i'd expect it should be ||


public void init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info) throws DavException {
        super.init(resource, info);
        // build the DAV:responses objects.
        DavProperty<?> acl = resource.getProperty(SecurityConstants.ACL);
        if (!(acl instanceof AclProperty)) {
throw new DavException(DavServletResponse.SC_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, "DAV:acl property expected.");

        DavResourceLocator loc = resource.getLocator();
Map<String, MultiStatusResponse> respMap = new HashMap<String, MultiStatusResponse>(); List<AclProperty.Ace> list = (List<AclProperty.Ace>) ((AclProperty)acl).getValue();
        for (AclProperty.Ace ace : list) {
            String href = ace.getPrincipal().getHref();
*if (href == null && respMap.containsKey(href)) {*
// ignore non-href principals and principals that have been listed before
            // href-principal that has not been found before
DavResourceLocator princLocator = loc.getFactory().createResourceLocator(loc.getPrefix(), href); DavResource principalResource = resource.getFactory().createResource(princLocator, resource.getSession()); respMap.put(href, new MultiStatusResponse(principalResource, info.getPropertyNameSet()));
this.responses = respMap.values().toArray(new MultiStatusResponse[respMap.size()]);

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