2011/11/8 Stéphane Hoblingre <stephane.hoblin...@gmail.com>:
> Dear JMeter dev team,
> I have an evolution request for JMeter which will help plugin developers.
> In our plugins, we implemented one component using TestBeans. We have now
> rewrote this component and use regular test elements, so we need to hide
> the previous one from jmeter add menus (backward jmx compatibility). The
> only way I found is very dirty, that is setting its name to null. But in

You can also edit the JMeter property:


see jmeter.properties.

You might also be able to make use of upgrade.properties and dispense
with the old class altogether.

> BeanDescriptor class, there is one attribute:
> isHidden
> public boolean isHidden()
>    The "hidden" flag is used to identify features that are intended only
> for tool use, and which should not be exposed to humans.
> While building the add component menu, could you check the hidden flag and
> if true not add it in the menu? That would allow to plugin developers to
> hide properly it.
> Is it possible? Do you want me to open a bug for it?

If it can be done without affecting the existing API, then I suppose
it would be possible to interpret the isHidden() status as meaning
that the TestBean is not added to the display.

If you provide a patch as a Bugzilla enhancement we will take a look.

> Thanks,
> Stef
> JMeter Plugins - http://code.google.com/p/jmeter-plugins

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