==Description ==

A cloud agnostic library that enables developers to access a variety of
cloud providers using one API.

== Project Status ==

We have released jclouds 2.1.0, which support for OpenStack Keystone v3, a
long-standing issue that prevented jclouds from supporting modern OpenStack
versions. This has been eagerly awaited by the community and we have
already received (although off-list) some positive feedback from users. In
this release, several providers have reached a good level of maturity and
have been promoted out of "labs": Azure ARM, Packet and OpenStack neutron
for compute, and Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2 for storage.

Another discussion that is taking place is the need to move to Java 8 as
our officially supported Java version. This presented some compatibility
issues with the Guava library, which is widely used in the project, but we
have finally been able to come to an agreement on the upgrade plan. There
has been valuable feedback from the community regarding this topic and we
now feel comfortable in moving forward with the Java and Guava versions.

== Community ==

The project continues to receive contributions in the form of code and
issues from new developers, indicating that development is healthy and that
users are feeding back their problems and feature suggestions. We're also
working to see if an Aliyun user can contribute work done on a private
branch back into the open-source repository.

In particular, we are receiving sizeable contributions from DimensionData
and 1&1, who are developing providers for their cloud and bare metal
servers, respectively.

It has been great to see a contributor-initiated effort to move the project
forward to Java 8 and a newer Guava version. It is not an easy change given
our codebase and we are happy to see people is not afraid of trying to
change the project core, as one recurrent topic is that the learning curve
to understand the jclouds core is quite high.

Last committer: 2018-01-26 (Jim Spring)

Last PMC member: 2016-10-21 (Andrea Turli)

== Community Objectives ==

- Upgrade to Java 8 to support newer Guava version. This will have a
significant impact on users but we hope it won't be an issue at this point.
- Continue to monitor our community for potential new committers and PMC

== Releases ==

The last jclouds release, 2.1.0, took place on 2018-02-21.

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