I merged a few compatibility commits and opened a pull request to
require Java 8 and Guava 21 in master:


I have a follow up commit which will allow use with Guava 21-24.1.  This
is the biggest backwards-incompatible change in jclouds history and we
should pause to evaluate if and how we should make this change.  Back in
2014 we tried to require Java 7 which ended up reverted:


While the situation is different today, it remains the case that jclouds
supports a long tail of old releases to satisfy a subset of users while
poorly serving users with more modern environments.  This pull request
will trade off the desires of the former for the latter, hopefully
serving more users.  We could solve this other ways, including
minimizing our use of Guava, although no one has stepped forward to do
this work so I advocate for the current approach.

I would like to merge this jclouds for 2.2.0 and release sooner than our
previous 19, 20, and 15 months major version cycles.  We do not have to
merge this pull request today since this will make backports to 2.1.x
somewhat more painful.  Thoughts or suggestions?

Andrew Gaul

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