Thank you all for for investigating. I think we can leave updateEntity in place. It's not a big deal for the ES backend to support it, currently it just calls addEntity since the necessary functionality is already there.

It would be nice to have some unit tests and/or documentation for the updateEntity method though. It's a bit dangerous to have functionality used by external code with no infrastructure in place defining how it should work.

But the get() method seems unnecessary, takes some effort to implement in the ES backend, and it's not clear what it's supposed to do. The only hint is what the Lucene backend does, but that's not very helpful since it works on a different level (one Lucene document per triple/quad instead of one document per entity) and may have bitrotted as well.

I propose removing the TextIndex.get method and its implementation in TextIndexLucene.


17.03.2017, 11:43, Chris Dollin kirjoitti:
I remember that ... just about. We do use get() and updateEntity()
in our ppindexing code; I'll go and have a look at it later. It's possible
that what it does has been subsumed by later changes to text indexing.


On 16 March 2017 at 15:49, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:

On 16/03/17 15:42, Andy Seaborne wrote:

This is already a roadbump for jena-text.  There is only so much
development bandwidth so if it is already a version that jena-text users
are going to have to get involved in, so making considered small API
changes at the same time seems the right thing to do.  Deprecation only
goes so far (people ignore the warnings!).

I don't know the usage well enough and don't currently use jena-text.

get() seems odd, updateEntity I can image might be used

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On 16/03/17 15:29, A. Soroka wrote:

Sorry for my thickness, Andy, but are you saying that it makes sense
to go ahead and make all the changes together, to avoid presenting a
moving target for any longer than we have to?

A. Soroka
The University of Virginia Library

On Mar 16, 2017, at 11:20 AM, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:

This is a major jump for jena-text so getting in changes in the next
version makes sense to me.


On 16/03/17 10:50, Osma Suominen wrote:


In the process of developing the Elasticsearch backend for jena-text
(JENA-1305), Anuj and I noticed that the methods "get" and
"updateEntity" in the TextIndex interface in jena-text are never called
from within Jena (not even from unit tests). Is there a reason for
keeping them, or should I just remove them from the interface and its


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