Hi All,

Thanks everyone for the hard work! Here's an update on the remaining KIPs
that we are hoping to include:

KIP-78 (clusterId): Review is basically complete. Assuming no problems
emerge, Ismael is planning to merge today.
KIP-74 (max fetch size): Review is nearing completion, just a few minor
issues remain. This will probably be merged tomorrow or Sunday.
KIP-55 (secure quotas): The patch has been rebased and probably needs one
more review pass before merging. Jun is confident it can get in before

As for KIP-79, I've made one review pass, but to make it in, we'll need 1)
some more votes on the vote thread, and 2) a few review iterations. It's
looking a bit doubtful, but let's see how it goes!

Since we are nearing the feature freeze, it would be helpful if people
begin setting some priorities on the bugs that need to get in before the
code freeze. I am going to make an effort to prune the list early next
week, so if there are any critical issues you know about, make sure they
are marked as such.


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