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> > Also, how do you think things would work in the context of KIP-179? Would
> > the tool still invoke these requests or would it be done by the broker
> > receiving the alterTopics/reassignPartitions protocol call?
> >
> My gut feel is that the tool will still invoke these requests. But I have a
> few questions to KIP-179 before I can answer this question. For example, is
> AlterTopicsRequest request sent to controller only? If the new assignment
> is not written in zookeeper, how is this information propagated to the new
> controller if the previous controller dies after it receives
> AlterTopicsRequest but before it sends LeaderAndIsrRequest? I can post
> these questions in that discussion thread later.
Let me answer here (though it's relevant to both KIPs):

As I originally envisaged it, KIP-179's support for reassigning partitions
would have more-or-less taken the logic currently in the
ReassignPartitionsCommand (that is, writing JSON to the
and put it behind a suitable network protocol API. Thus it wouldn't matter
which broker received the protocol call: It would be acted on by brokers
being notified of the change in the ZK path, just as currently. This would
have kept the ReassignPartitionsCommand relatively simple, as it currently

KIP-113 is obviously seeking to make more radical changes. The algorithm
described for moving a replica to a particular directory on a different
broker (
involves both sending AlterReplicaDirRequest to "the" broker (the receiving
broker, I assume, but it's not spelled out), _as well as_ writing to the ZK

This assumes the script (ReassignPartitionsCommand) has direct access to
ZooKeeper, which is what KIP-179 is seeking to deprecate. It seems a waste
of time to put the logic in the script as part of KIP-113, only for KIP-179
to have to move it back to the controller.

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