Hi All:

I want to compile the impala-kudu from the source code on debian system, so I 
download the latest codes from 
  After doing this, I use the script $impala-kudu-home/buildall.sh to build all 
the codes like below: 

buildall.sh -release -notests

Fortunately, I succeed, a 'build/release' directory is genearted in 
$impala-kudu-home/be,  under the 'build/release/service' directory, I also find 
the impalad and libfesupport.so, but there are some differences between I get 
impala-kudu from the rpm or deb package: 

1st, the size of the impalad and libfesupport.so, there are too big than what I 
installed from the deb package. In my 'service' directory, the size of impalad 
and libfesupport.so like below:

du -sh * 
352M impalad
349M libfesupport.so
115M libService.a

But in the directory 'sbin-retail' witch unpacked from the deb package, the 
size is smaller:
0 catalogd
37M impalad
38M libfesupport.so
0 statestored

I have used the 'ldd' to check all the dependences for impalad, both of the two 
above are the same, so I don't know why? 

2nd, where can I find the cataloged and statestored script when I compiled from 
the source code? 

3rd, is there any tools or scripts can make the install package, such as the 
impala-shell.sh script in the impala-kudu-home/bin directory´╝č



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