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发件人: ShaoFeng Shi <shaofeng...@apache.org>
发送时间: 2018年2月2日 19:02
收件人: dev
主题: Re: Can't delete segment

Hi yousheng, it looks be a bug; when deleting a job, it should remove the
related segment. Could you please report a JIRA?

Next time, you don't need to purge the cube; you can backup the metadata to
disk, edit the cube json manually, and then restore it.

2018-02-02 18:29 GMT+08:00 张 佑铖 <edouard...@hotmail.com>:

> Hi kylin team,
> After a job been error, I click drop  instead of discard by mistake, I
> can't find the job anywhere, but it still remain an empty segment in cube.
> When I call restful request /{cubeName}/segs/{segmentName}   it returns
> Cannot delete segment '' as its status is not READY. Discard the on-going
> job for it
> So it turn out to be a dilemma for, I can't build/refresh the segment, and
> I can't delete either.
> Finally I purge the cube...
> I wonder if it is a bug or there is some solutions?
> version 2.2.0
> thanks

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