This is great progress of our community, hope this could help
a little bit to speed up everyone's productivity.

Thanks Shaofeng for all the efforts.


ShaoFeng Shi <>于2018年2月12日周一 下午5:54写道:

> Hello Kylin developers,
> As you know, Kylin has a full regression test (also called "integration
> test"), which covers UT, cube build (batch & streaming), SQL queries and
> others. With this regression test, we can know whether a change is safe or
> not (to some extent, not 100%). Many issues can be found with this test.
> Since this test need be executed in a Hadoop environment, at least be a
> Hadoop Sandbox with 10GB memory and 40 GB disk. Apache Foundation doesn't
> have the resource for this purpose. So in the past, we can only run it on
> the private server; The status and result are invisible for Kylin
> community, that impacts the communication and efficiency.
> Now, we received a donation to run such a dedicated CI server
> (T2.xlarge instance) on AWS for at least 6 months.  It will run every 8 hrs
> (pull from master branch), each round takes about 1 hr; Once the test is
> failed, it will automatically send email to the one who breaks the CI.
> Later we plan to automate it with JIRA/Github workflow.
> Anonymous user can only view the test result and log. The Hadoop YARN RM
> and history server are open for checking job status, you can access it at
> 8088 and 19888 port.
> The server information is also updated in the "CI and Code Analysis"
> section on
> Let's use this CI to check the status and communicate on the specific
> problem. If you have any suggestion, please raise it in the dev mailing
> list.
> --
> Best regards,
> Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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