No, derby/mysql is not needed; By default, Kylin uses HBase for metadata
persistency; You only need to make sure Hive/HBase/Hadoop working fine.

I see you're using Hadoop 3; please note that, only from 2.5, Kylin
provides the binary package for Hadoop 3. Besides,  we only tested it on
HDP 3 and CDH 6, whose HBase is 2.0 version. Please try to align your
Hadoop component versions with these releases.

ebrahim zare <> 于2018年10月26日周五 下午9:00写道:

> I installed Java and Hadoop and Hbase and Hive and Spark and Kylin.
> hadoop-3.0.3
> hbase-1.2.6
> apache-hive-2.3.3-bin
> spark-2.2.2-bin-without-hadoop
> apache-kylin-2.3.1-bin
> I will be grateful if someone in Help me with Kyle's installation and
> configuration them.

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