Hi ebrahim zare:
Derby or MySQL is needed but they are not for Kylin directly. Actually they are 
used to store the metadata of Hadoop??s components(For example, Hive). For 
Kylin, both metadata and cube data are stored in HBase. So you should configure 
HBase and HDFS correctly.

Besides, you should use apache-kylin-2.5.0-bin-hadoop3.tar.gz or 
apache-kylin-2.5.0-bin-cdh60.tar.gz for Hadoop 3, and HBase version is required 
I recommend you to use HDP 3.0 or CDH 6.0 instead of community Hadoop 3 because 
they are easy to set up a Hadoop 3 cluster with less environmental problems.

Best Regards

Lijun Cao
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From: ebrahim zare <ebrahimzare1...@gmail.com>
Date: Fri,Oct 26,2018 9:00 PM
To: dev <dev@kylin.apache.org>
Subject: Re: does Apache Kylin need a Apache Derby or Mysql for run the sample 

I installed Java and Hadoop and Hbase and Hive and Spark and Kylin.





I will be grateful if someone in Help me with Kyle's installation and
configuration them.

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