Seems awesome, looking forward to Kylin 3.0.



Aron Tao

ShaoFeng Shi <> 于2019年3月25日周一 上午1:24写道:

> Hello,
> About two months ago, we raised the "[Discuss] Moving toward Apache Kylin
> 3.0" in the developer group, all agree to use 3.0 as the next major release
> version when the Real-Time feature released. Now we're merging the code
> from the RT feature branch into the master branch.
> Although this feature has been in production in certain early users, it has
> not been widely evaluated by the community. I would like to propose
> releasing the alpha and beta before the GA release, just like what we did
> in Kylin v2.0. This is to give our users enough time to evaluate; On the
> other side, it gives the developers the time to hear feedback, to improve
> the stability/performance, catch up the documentation and others.
> A rough plan is:
> - April, 3.0 alpha release
> - June, 3.0 beta release
> - July to Aug, 3.0 GA release
> Before 3.0 GA, the v2.6 branch will roll out bug fix releases at a steady
> pace; Usually, 1 version every 1-2 months, depends on the severity of the
> reported issues.
> We warmly welcome the community users to join the 3.0 alpha and beta.
> Please share your comments here. Thank you for the support to Apache Kylin!
> Best regards,
> Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
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