Libcloud is a Python library that abstracts away the differences among
multiple cloud provider APIs. It allows users to manage cloud services
(servers, storage, loadbalancers, DNS) offered by many different providers
through a single, unified and easy to use API.

We are pleased to announce the release of Libcloud 1.2.1!

- [gce] Fix image undeprecation in GCE
- [gce] Added Managed Instance Groups
- [gce] Allow undeprecation of an image.
- [cloudstack] BUGFIX Values with wildcards failed signature validation
- [cloudstack] Added StorageState-Migrating to the cloudstack driver.
- Removed HD attribute from the Abiquo compute driver to support the 3.4 API
- Add image and size details to `list_nodes` response in Dimension Data driver
- Add support for changing VM admin password in VMware driver
- Add Barcelona (Spain) region to the Aurora Compute driver.
- Various improvements in the libvirt driver.
- Add support for temporary IAM role credentials (token) to the AWS ELB driver.
- Support for iterating over records and zones in the Aurora DNS driver
- Add support for DS, PTR, SSFHFP and TLSA record type to the Aurora DNS

Full change log can be found at


Libcloud 1.2.1 can be downloaded from
or installed using pip:

pip install apache-libcloud


If you have installed Libcloud using pip you can also use it to upgrade it:

pip install --upgrade apache-libcloud

Upgrade notes

A page which describes backward incompatible or semi-incompatible
changes and how to preserve the old behavior when this is possible
can be found at


API documentation can be found at

We also have a new Sphinx documentation which can be found at

Bugs / Issues

If you find any bug or issue, please report it on our issue tracker
Don't forget to attach an example and / or test which reproduces your problem.


Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this release possible! Full list of
people who contributed to this release can be found in the CHANGES file;a=blob;f=CHANGES.rst;h=6b2860e96627db6b638028e9b9a4fedd3ca9d3db;hb=79e2581fc4511ec979c6f316b3d6a1bf5fe6658b.

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