I started a service-instance with 2 max-instances in active-active ha_mode. I call them vmA and vmB
    As usual, each of these instances has three interfaces, which are manage, left and right interface,with flow from left to right,
and I bonded health-check instance with left interfaces and right interfaces.
    If I shutdown the left interface in the vmA, the flows all go to vmB of course.
    BUT, if I shut down the right interface in the vmA, some flow still go to vmA, and the service-instance doesn't work well.
    So, we lose half of the flows when one of the right interfaces goes down.

    How can I solve it? Or, we should have a data struct like "risk group", which contains left and right interface peers, and once
one of the interface health-checked failed, all the interface in the group will be set inactive.

    Any help will be appreciated!
Hang Qian
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