Thanks for the input.  Just a reminder that I gave y’all a heads up 
on this in early December and we discussed it in detail at the governance 
summit at Kubecon as well.  There should be zero surprised to anyone that we 
can’t proceed with OpenContrail.

            As a reminder here is the detailed email where I explained how we 
got here:


            I don’t think there is really anything to add.

            Meanwhile, we’ve been open to any suggestions on name, but the 
process is extremely challenging as we need all of the following:

1.    Must be trademark-able

2.    Must be able to get a domain name for it

3.    Ideally it’s “cool”

4.    Get the name change done before or quickly after joining LFN

            On #1, it’s highly challenging.  Pick any literal term related to 
“fabrics”, “networks”, “orchestration”, “cloud” and so on and large swaths of 
potential names have been trademarked.  If not in the USA then in another 

            The reality of the situation is that without more time and 
resources we are going to have difficulty finding the perfect new name.  I wish 
it was not so.  I wish I had been able to convince Juniper management to give 
over Contrail/OpenContrail regardless of the ramifications to our business.

            It is what it is.  Serious suggestions on new names will be taken 
even at this late date but time is very short so make sure you had your legal 
team do quick search on it (takes 24-ish hours) and you have identified a 
domain we can use.

Thank you,


Vice President, Technology & Strategy, Cloud Software
Juniper Networks
+1 (415) 787-2253 [Google Voice]
ASSISTANT: Stephanie Concepcion, 
TWITTER: @randybias
LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/in/randybias

From: Dev <dev-boun...@lists.opencontrail.org> on behalf of Robert Raszuk 
Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 2:32 AM
To: "ext-edgar.mag...@workday.com" <edgar.mag...@workday.com>
Cc: "dev@lists.opencontrail.org" <dev@lists.opencontrail.org>, 
"annou...@lists.opencontrail.org" <annou...@lists.opencontrail.org>
Subject: Re: [opencontrail-dev] [Announce] Opinion Please: Help Choose 
OpenContrail's New Name

Hi Edgar,

> In my opinion, these three names sound awful.

Completely agree ! Terrible. Why not something very easy like CFabric ? (Oh no 
it starts with bad letter "c" ;-).

>  Maybe we could negotiate with Juniper ...

Exactly proposed the same few months back (when this all started to surface). 
Got back bunch of unicasts from J that this is impossible to negotiate - the 
internal decision has been made.

I actually still do not understand the real reason: LF/Community project name 
is: OpenContrail. Juniper commercial name is: Contrail. Completely different 
words/names. What's wrong with keeping it as it was named day one ?

Otherwise looking at the three alternatives provided it does look like someone 
really hard is trying to kill the community version :(


On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 4:48 AM, Edgar Magana 
<edgar.mag...@workday.com<mailto:edgar.mag...@workday.com>> wrote:

I know I have been disengaged lately from the project and I probably do not 
deserve a voice here. However, I would like to ask you for your forgiveness if 
I do say something that is out of place, wrong or even offensive, it is not my 

In my opinion, these three names sound awful. I think we should do better 
marketing about it. It feels that we are going to lose a lot of good branding 
with OpenContrail. Maybe going under Linux Foundation is not the best option 
for this open-source project. I know a lot of people have invested a lot of 
effort on making this project part of the LF but again, just feel that we are 
going to lose a lot. Maybe we could negotiate with Juniper, they were the ones 
deciding open-source it, maybe they are willing to change the name of the 
enterprise version.

These are just my thoughts.

Thanks for reading and understanding my opinion.


From: Announce 
 on behalf of Gregory Elkinbard 
Date: Monday, February 12, 2018 at 4:52 PM
To: "dev@lists.opencontrail.org<mailto:dev@lists.opencontrail.org>" 
Subject: [Announce] Opinion Please: Help Choose OpenContrail's New Name

As many of you already know, we are required to change the name of the project 
as part of moving to the LF-N.

We've started the ball rolling by coming up with a slate of names that we've 
preliminarily vetted with trademark counsel. That process has yielded three 
names that we are reasonably confident can pass the more stringent trademark 
test that is presently underway. Now, we need your help.

We've set up a Google Form poll to gather community input on which of these 
three names might be most preferred by a plurality of members. Please follow 
the link below 
 and complete the poll per the instructions there. Voting is open through 08:00 
UTC on Thursday, February 15. We'll announce the winner next week, pending the 
aforementioned trademark counsel review.

Thanks for participating!


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