Please submit PRs against origin-aggregated-logging and openshift-ansible.  Note that for origin-aggregated-logging we will require integration testing, which may require the installation of kafka by the test, and some form of documentation i.e. a markdown doc for the docs/ subdir.

To communicate about this issue on this mailing list, please prefix the Subject: with [logging] to make sure it gets the attention of the logging developers.

As far as the RPMs go, we (Red Hat devs) would like to use your spec files as references in order to create the packages we deliver to our Red Hat customers, if they are available in a public repo with an appropriate open source license.

On 07/18/2018 05:50 AM, Louis Santillan wrote:
You can find the EFK project here (




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On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 2:25 AM Alessandro Menti < <>> wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    a customer of ours uses aggregated logging on the OpenShift
    platform and
    has two needs:
    - forwarding all logs to an external Kafka instance;
    - aggregating multiline logs (e.g. Java stack traces) on the fluentd
      side before sending them to Kafka.

    I have packaged the Fluentd gems providing those functionalities
    as RPMs
    (except for a few development prerequisites required for unit testing)
    and have prepared several patches to the openshift-ansible
    playbook and to the fluentd log aggregator repository.

    I would like to contribute this work upstream; since this involves
    coordination between several repositories (and possibly several review
    rounds), could you please give me some advice about how I should

    Thanks in advance,
    Alessandro Menti

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