Hi Rich And Louis,

> Please submit PRs against origin-aggregated-logging and
> openshift-ansible.  Note that for origin-aggregated-logging we will
> require integration testing, which may require the installation of kafka
> by the test, and some form of documentation i.e. a markdown doc for the
> docs/ subdir.

I have submitted the following PRs:

* https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/pull/9668
* https://github.com/openshift/origin-aggregated-logging/pull/1302
* https://github.com/openshift/openshift-docs/pull/11642

I have marked them as [WIP] as:
- I still need to add integration testing;
- the RPMs needed by the Fluentd image still need to be added upstream.

> As far as the RPMs go, we (Red Hat devs) would like to use your spec
> files as references in order to create the packages we deliver to our
> Red Hat customers, if they are available in a public repo with an
> appropriate open source license.
SPECs and SRPMs are available at
https://github.com/AlessandroMenti/openshift-kafka-for-fluentd-rpms for

Note that I have added a few more packages than those required as I
intend to submit a second set of PRs to enable Fluentd monitoring via
Prometheus, the ones required are:

- rubygem-fluent-plugin-concat
- rubygem-fluent-plugin-kafka
- rubygem-ltsv
- rubygem-poseidon_cluster
- rubygem-poseidon
- rubygem-zk
- rubygem-zookeeper

Also note that, in many cases, I omitted checks because the
prerequisites are not packaged in RHEL (I can do this, but it would
require significant additional work).

As for the license, I have obtained approval for the company I work at
to release this work under an open source license - could the MIT
license be fine (in line with the three spec files I adapted from the
Fedora ones for three packages not included in these PRs, but present in
the repo)?

Alessandro Menti
Alessandro Menti
DevOps Expert

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