Initially when i read the docs [1] i assumed that image registry operator's
role is similar to what we used to have in 3.x - a simple registry should
the user want to use it for images built with [2]

While i was playing with 4.1 i've followed the steps mentioned in [3]
because w/o it the openshift-installer will not report as installation
complete. Also the CVO will not be in a healthy state ready to pick up new

As such it seems that the image registry scope is different (and not
documented yet, happy to follow up on docs repo once i figure out with your
help ;) ) than i thought and so my questions are:

   - are all the operator images bundled inside the release payload being
   stored on the image registry storage?
      - if not then is it only CVO which needs to store its own release
      image ?
      - any particular reason why there is no option to customize the size
   and so it must be 100GB size (as per the docs and the code base) ?

Thank you,


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