It's a Firefox feature which toggles Responsive Design view (or Mobile view if you like). Basically, it's a tool that lets web developers test their creations on desktop, as if they were using them on a mobile phone. It's not Roundcube-specific, and works with any website, and if that website is not "responsive", you'll get crappy interface.

Chrome has this feature as well: you can press F12, and then in the developer toolbar click the "Toggle device toolbar" icon on the left (it shows something like a smartphone above a rectangle which represents a tablet).



2017.08.06 09:12, Vladimir Gorpenko rašė:
Oh, I have remembered.

It is Shift-Control-M and works under FireFox. Under Chrome the same combination of buttons does absolutely another. By the way, it is good to read comments of developers on this subject.

Though it, of course, can be feature of Firefox, and I am not sure that in this option it is convenient to work with RC, but the application from Play Market is really efficient.

Best regards,
   Vladimir Gorpenko

Reindl Harald писал 2017-08-06 01:28:
Am 05.08.2017 um 21:52 schrieb Adventurer:
Roundcube, when integrated on host website is not mobile-friendly on ANY phone browser

but every smartphone has a native mail application and on Anroid you
can even chose between a dozen of them - what's the point of a webmail
on such a device at all?
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