I got the very latest git head of scilab, and tried to compile.
But, ./configure failes;

Generic Blas found
checking if LAPACK is available... 
checking for cheev_... no
checking for cheev_ in -llapack... yes
Library -llapack found
checking if ARPACK-NG is available... 
checking for znaupd_ in -larpack... yes
ARPACK-NG library found
checking whether the arpack library works... 
configure: error: ARPACK library found, but seems not to work properly. Please 
make sure you are using arpack-ng

About this config.log tells me;

./conftest: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libarpack.so.2: undefined symbol: 

Isn't this a bug?

I tried with;

1. arpack-ng 3.1.2
2. arpack-ng 3.3.0
3. arpack-ng 3.4.0

I got same results with these.

Any hint?

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