Dear Scilab developers,

Scilab 6.0.0 is now out [1]. Thanks to everyone who helped build this brand new 
version !

We still have bugs and want to start adding features using Scilab 6 brand new 
capabilities. For the
upcoming 6.0.1 release, we will continue the bug fixes and help improvement 
started on the 6.0
branch. Do not hesitate to set up the git branch and push your changes !

As a mid-term target, we also planned some work for 6.1.0 and we have some idea 
about our next
revision. For exemple (incomplete list):
* help browser improvement (targetting a best indexation and removing javahelp 
* using analysis for execution speedup
* more demos and help dedicated pages
* import() like python and javascript
* graphical improvement (treeview in uicontrols, uicontrol graphic export)

Do you have other ideas, requests for the near future ?


Thanks for your involvement,

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