Thanks !

Le 09/04/2018 à 10:33, Clément David a écrit :
Hello Stéphane,

I asked myself the same question some times ago and Antoine told me that the 
contains such an example [1]. For a reduced example, the "cppsci" flags is 
passed directly to
ilib_for_link / ilib_build table names, building cpp_find from the 
toolbox_skeleton is :

ilib_build("foo_scilab6", ["sci_cpp_find" "cppsci"], fullfile(SCI, "contrib", 
"sci_gateway", "cpp", "sci_cpp_find.cxx"), [])



Le vendredi 06 avril 2018 à 19:24 +0200, Stéphane Mottelet a écrit :

Where can I found a *self contained* working example (with ilib_build
call) of a Scilab interface using the *new* c++ api, i.e.

types::Function::ReturnValue sci_foo(types::typed_list &in, int
_piRetCount, types::typed_list &out)

? All the examples given in the documentation are C interfaces, not C++.

For example I would like to be able to clone the code of
modules/integer/sci_gateway/cpp/sci_inttype.cpp (because of its nice and
lready written switch/case on all scalar types) and build the interface
then link from Scilab.

Thanks in advance


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