On 03/08/2016 08:22, Bryan Richter wrote:
> Unfortunately, Taiga doesn't let me add people by their account
> handle. I sent an invite to your email address instead.
> So there are two problems: (1) You can't send a request directly from the
> site; you have to send a separate email instead. (2) We can't invite
> people based on their usernames.

Thanks, I received the invitation :)

> They have a Taiga issue for (1). Go here and vote up this issue if
> this bothers you like it bothers me:
> https://tree.taiga.io/project/taiga/issue/3735
> There is a separate github issue about (2):
> https://github.com/taigaio/taiga-front/issues/903
> (If that's not ironic, I don't know what is.)

What is also ironic is that more people are participating in the GitHub
issue than in Taiga's because non project members can't comment on Taiga

Isn't that also a problem for us?
I guess the benefits of Taiga issues compared to GitLab issues outweigh
that limitation right?

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