On 07/30/2017 09:07 AM, Stephen Michel wrote:
> Here's what I remember from the discussions a few months back:
> On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 1:32 AM, Jason Harrer <jazzyeagl...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> There are two major concerns with this part of the prototype:
>> 1) This goes against the philosophies that Aaron has talked about
>> numerous times, all the way back to when I first started on the
>> project 3-4 years ago.  He was strongly against the concept of
>> applying a cap/limit at all.
> The objection was against a *per-project* limit, not a site-wide limit,
> which I think everyone agrees is necessary to make people comfortable
> with pledging (even if the "pledge amount explosion" scenario is not
> very likely).
>> 2) There is currently no back-end support for a limit of any dollar
>> amount.
> We knew this. Plan at the time being:
> - Adding a limit function in the backend is a priority
> - Until we make an official announcement, we expect pledge numbers to be
> low, so we should have plenty of time before we're getting enough money
> to actually do a crowdmatch event.
> - If for some reason we get to the point of doing a crowdmatch event
> before the limit is implemented, we will enforce the limit manually
> (just check to make sure nobody's being charged over $5.

I have a changed view on the limits and it's reflected in the simplified
video script actually.

I think a per-project limit isn't a fundamental problem or a
misunderstanding we need to worry about.

I see the limit plan like this:

A. express that we *have* a budget limit and set it at $5 in the backend
as a starting point

B. make the limit adjustable system-wide (not an alpha requirement, but
if someone decides to do this before the rest of alpha is complete, it's
welcome enough)

C. Long-term plan (in light of real-world alpha experience, and fine to
express publicly as a long-term consideration): offer budget-categories
that users can each define. Let users name a category and put any
selected projects in it. This is comparable to folders/directories such
as how a service like AuctionSniper lets users group a bunch of eBay
items into a folder where you stop once you've won a set number. Because
it's user-adjustable, they could make per-project budgets or choose to
budget separate amounts for music, art, software, etc. as fits their

The key point is that there's nothing wrong with C. So, for now we are
FINE with just saying "there's a budget limit" and if someone says "oh,
I can set a budget for each project?" the answer is "for now, it's just
system-wide, but we hope to offer separate budgets like that
eventually". (People could set up multiple accounts to get a similar
effect anyway, but that would mean extra charge accounts, more charges
and fees, and all the hassle of maintaining multiple accounts).

In short: I've DROPPED my big worry about making sure people don't
imagine per-project budgeting.

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