I've heard some questions and concerns about front end development
waiting on back end variables. I can understand why these questions
might arise. The final version of a page's template must use #{..}
splices that get read and compiled to Haskell. The values referred to
in those splices need to really exist for the website to compile, run,
and show values from the database. So, the front end depends on the
back end.

But here's the thing: the back end depends on the front end, too! In
fact, the back end has a *more important* dependency. While the front
end depends on values existing, the back end depends *knowing what
values need to exist*.

The front end is where the requirements flow from. It is closer to the
user, closer to the purpose of the website. The back end only exists
to serve the website's needs.

So, rather than holding up the front end to wait on back end
variables, I think it is much better to use {{placeholderValues}} if
the real values aren't available yet. Then, any new back end values
will definitely be serving a purpose, and won't be a useless waste of
time and resources.

So, don't be afraid to design new pages when the back end values don't
exist yet. Doing so will be better for the project, anyway.


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