Hi Folks,

I am trying to get build the project on my local machine. (I am using macOS). 

Unfortunately, when I run ./build.sh test I get an error that is pointing back 
to the hlibsass library.

I think the issue may be fixed if I compile the hlibsass library with the 
sharedLibsass flag, but I do not know how to set that flag in this project.

I tried adding the below to snowdrift’s stack.yaml, but that led to more 
cryptic errors that I feel are not going to be productive. 

    externalLibsass: true
I wanted to check in with the community in case anyone had any thoughts on this.

https://paste.ubuntu.com/25269816/ <https://paste.ubuntu.com/25269816/>

Potentially relevant GitHub Issues:

Also, the README of hlibsass has the following text:

GHC 7 is unable to load static version of native libraries (at least some of 
them) and therefore it rejects loading libsass.a. On Linux, you can overcome 
this by switch to GHC 8 (tested with 8.0.2 with LTS Haskell 8.5) or by using 
shared or external (also shared) version of LibSass. On macOS, GHC 8 still 
rejects the library (it detects unresolver/duplicated symbols), so the only 
solution is to use shared/external LibSass (Homebrew version works).

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