Hi all,

[This will be my last "regular" update for a while, since my personal
schedule is becoming correspondingly less regular.]

Well, September didn't go as well as planned. :/ I had it all blocked
out to work on Snowdrift, and I got pretty much nowhere. There were a
few contributing factors, but I'm not sure how much I will talk about
them in this email. More pressing are the following news items.

First, at 10am this morning (UTC+2) I ran the first crowdmatch
event[1].  So far there is no outward evidence of this fact, because
crowdmatch history isn't shown on the website! But I can fix that
quickly. We'll manually send out some email notices later today, I
hope, depending on team availability.

Second, after much wringing of hands and wracking of brains, I find
that I have to reset the code repo back to a deployable state. I
regret to relate that that is a rather long time ago in the code
history. To be more blunt, I'm going to take out Sass and pretty much
everything else that isn't already on the live website.

Practically, this means a forced update to master will be coming soon.
In human terms, it means I'm a terrible person. :( Ok, so that's
hyperbole, but I definitely want to say that a different programmer --
a better one, for instance -- would be able to work with the current
version of master. But the version of Snowdrift that *I* can work
on has to be one that can be deployed on the daily, and it has to
be implemented more incrementally than what I allowed to happen in
the last few months.  So, I definitely feel bad about this, but I need
to do it.

Once the reset is done, I can add the crowdmatch history as I
mentioned above, and then hopefully the project team can agree on
smaller, incremental changes that move us forward.

The final thing I've realized from this month's slog is that Yesod has
got to go. This, again, is as much a personal decision as a technical
one: I clearly am not within Yesod's target market. But it's me or
Yesod, so do-ocratically speaking, Yesod is on its way out.

But that won't happen just yet! I am going to simply abandon the path I
was attempting (namely, abstracting over Web.Stripe.stripe as a field
in the App datatype) and move forward with necessary functionality on
the website. Fast and loose. Less perfection[2], in order
to hit a feature milestone.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Feedback appreciated.


aka chreekat

p.s. I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow, then to Gothenburg the following
week, and then I'll be leaving the Schengen zone thereafter. Not sure
where to, yet.

[1]: Recall that I use the term 'crowdmatch event' to refer to a
process that tallies up the patrons of a project and calculates their
monthly donation. This just changes some values in the database. In
a completely separate process, a 'payments event' is where pending
donations are turned into real money transfers. We still don't know
when the first of those will happen. (By current patron numbers, it
would be some time in 2020, but I suspect it will be a lot sooner than

[2]: As much as I've heard and read about perfect being the enemy of
the good, it's clearly something that I still have to learn the hard
way. An esoteric understanding is not sufficient in my case.

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