== Last week.

Code changes: some updates and fixes to the snowdrift project page,
thanks to Iko.

== This month.

My goal for this month is to finish the website and crowdmatch
mechanism for Alpha. Maybe a bit optimistic. :) But we seem close.
The mechanism is functional; it just needs testing. The website is
functional; it just needs testing. What is mainly missing is a little
bit of practice: practice restoring backups, practice analyzing logs,
practice deploying breaking changes -- that sort of thing.

There's a lot more we *could* do, but there always will be.

== This week.

- Start practicing and figuring out where things are the most broken
  or flimsy.

- Do some system administration work. Hard drives are filling up, and
  not much is documented.

- Coordinate with other components of the project. Make sure we have
  the bones of a post-Alpha plan.

- Encourage people to prod the website and report UI problems.

== "What can I do?"

- Write tests! Or ask me how. It needs documenting, anyway.

- Get the haskell-stripe packages back into Stackage.

- Ask questions about open issues.


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