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Do you intend to update Tizen 2.3 to add screen? (1)
or do you simply want to install screen.rpm in your Tizen 2.3 device? (2)
or do you want to let your own build system (GBS or OBS) build screen.rpm for 
Tizen 2.3? (3)

(1) I don't think it is allowed unless we are to make and release another Tizen 
2.3.x. (this is purely my personal guess. not an established policy or anything 
with some authority)
(2) If there is no dependency issues with Tizen 2.3 for screen.rpm built for 
Tizen 3.0, there should be no problem.
    If there is you can simply do GBS with Tizen 2.3 basis.
(3) Apply such macro to your own rpm-build environment.


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Sender : Philippe Coval <>
Date   : 2016-09-23 00:31 (GMT+9)
Title  : Re: [Dev] gbs.conf file for tizen3.0 tv ?

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 1:26 PM, Ravindra Sande <> wrote:
What should be the gbs.conf file to build package for tizen3.0 tv (armv7l) ?


The one I use for tizen_tv_armv7 (using base repo) 
seems to work on snapshots

git clone

gbs build -P profile.tizen_tv_armv7l --arch armv7l --include-all 

On that topic, I noticed some repos are missing for latest common weekly repo,
I will have to sync "supported" repos to this file.

BTW, I am looking for reviewers/merge for some "open" patches :



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