Hi Tizen Dev Community,


Is anybody out here who can help me with my Bluetooth query?

This is the last trial.


I have developed a BT client-server application for Tizen 2.4.

The bt-client-UI is running on one Tizen device with 2.4

The bt-server service is running on another device also contains 2.4.

The client send some character and it is received by the server, which takes 
some action.

Both are paired over Bluetooth and this is working well.


However, I am not able to achieve this with Tizen 3.0 common on the server side.

I have referred to this repo, to develop the Bt client/server:


On another server device (such as RPi2), I have used Tizen 3.0 common profile 

The client-UI is still on Tizen 2.4 mobile device.

I have used “bluetoothctl” to pair the two devices, and paring is working well.

The bt_init() is also successful.

However, when the client send the command, it is not received by the server.

I have given print in the bt receive callback, and it’s not printing anything 
on the console.


What I noticed is that, on the 3.0 common there is no “bt-service” running, but 
it is “bluetoothd”.

Do, I need to change anything, to communicate between BT 2.4 client and BT 3.0 
common profile?


Please give some clue to proceed further.






From: PINTU KUMAR [mailto:pint...@samsung.com] 
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To: 'Paweł Wieczorek'; 'dev@lists.tizen.org'
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Subject: RE: [Dev] GBS package build for Tizen 3.0 common repo


Dear Pawel,


Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I am able to build Tizen 3.0 common package using GBS and the following 
repo detailed.

I am also able to install the rpm on my device.


However, now I am not able to scan and connect the Bluetooth device on my 
Raspberry Pi2 using the USB Bluetooth dongle.

Actually scanning is fine, but device discoverable on is failing and I am not 
able to pair it with another device, even though it shows me the device mac id.

I used the following steps:

#hciconfig hci0 up


#power on

#agent on


#pairable on

#discoverable on

Failed to set discoverable on: org.bluez.Error.Failed

#pair 94:76:B7:7D:C9:B2

Attempting to pair …

Failed to pair: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod


Please help, if you know how to fix this problem.


Thank You!




From: Paweł Wieczorek [mailto:p.wieczor...@samsung.com] 
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 9:38 PM
To: PINTU KUMAR; dev@lists.tizen.org
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Subject: Re: [Dev] GBS package build for Tizen 3.0 common repo


Hi Pintu,

The repository you mentioned (framework/api/bluetooth) is dedicated to Tizen 2 

Tizen:Common 3.0 builds capi-network-bluetooth package from a different 
repository - platform/core/api/bluetooth available at 

Also, GBS fails to resolve package dependencies because your .gbs.conf lacks 
URLs to Tizen:Base package repository. To access them, add a new repository:

url = http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/base/latest/repos/arm/packages/

and add it as the first repository for Tizen:Common profile:

repos = repo.tizen_base_arm, repo.tizen_common

to your .gbs.conf file. Please find below exemplary configuration file that I 

profile = profile.tizen_common

repos = repo.tizen_base_arm, repo.tizen_common

url = http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/base/latest/repos/arm/packages/

url = 

Best regards,

Paweł Wieczorek
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics

On 30/09/16 16:39, PINTU KUMAR wrote:

Hi All,


I need one help for Tizen 3.0 common package build using GBS setup.

In my .gbs.conf file I included this for Tizen 3.0 common repo.



#url = https://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/common/latest/

url = 


And I am trying to build this package:



But, I am getting following error during GBS build.

Can somebody help, how to do GBS build for Tizen 3.0 common repo.

I want to create a new repo for Tizen 3.0 common but the existing repo itself 
is not build.

Please help.


# gbs build -A armv7l --include-all –clean

info: generate repositories ...

gbs 0.24.2

info: prepare sources...

info: package files have been exported to:


info: retrieving repo metadata...

info: parsing package data...

info: building repo metadata ...

info: resolving skipped packages ...

info: package dependency resolving ...

info: *** Build Status Summary ***

=== the following packages failed to build due to missing build dependencies 
(1) ===


  nothing provides ld-linux.so.3 needed by dbus-glib-devel

  nothing provides ld-linux.so.3(GLIBC_2.4) needed by dbus-glib-devel

  nothing provides libexpat.so.1 needed by dbus-glib-devel

  nothing provides libgcc_s.so.1 needed by dbus-glib-devel

  nothing provides libgcc_s.so.1(GCC_3.5) needed by dbus-glib-devel

  nothing provides rtld(GNU_HASH) needed by dbus-glib-devel

  nothing provides libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.4) needed by dbus-glib-devel



error: <gbs>some packages failed to be built


Can somebody point out what is the problem.





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