I tried to build from GIT bash on windows 10, and first test that failed

testSynopsisOrderCorrectWhenParametersDeclaredOutOfOrder in



It seems like the expected result

format("<main class> <param0> <param1>%n") on line 2014 always assumes
that no ANSI color codes is output, while the actual results have ANSI

I looked into the code, and saw that one of the things that was check
was if TERM environment variable started with xterm, and did a test
where I first did

export TERM=zzzzz

and did then build it again. Now without faults.

The test should have more control on what environment it is running
on. It is several other tests in the same testclass that fails because
of same issue.

I guess this is the same fault that Gary Gregory experienced here

in message from Nov 19, 2017, at 6:32 PM

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