I've been using AsciiDoc for the Scala site, and I know others here have
used it as well. I was thinking it would be nice to standardize on it.
There is an asciidoctor plugin for maven-site-plugin, so we can use it with
our existing layout for now as well for Log4j.

One major advantage for us is that you can easily include source file
snippets via macros. This would make our documentation more easily
maintainable as it wouldn't get out of sync. There could be some other
documentation generators explored later for Log4j plugins and such which
would be pretty neat, too. Another advantage is that asciidoc has its own
macros and such which are more useful than velocity.

What do you think? If there aren't any objections, I'll supersede my
earlier markdown efforts with asciidoc instead.

Matt Sicker <boa...@gmail.com>

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