Github user dsmiley commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: solr/core/src/java/org/apache/solr/handler/loader/ 
    @@ -570,37 +573,34 @@ private SolrInputDocument parseDoc(int ev) throws 
IOException {
         private void parseFieldValue(SolrInputField sif) throws IOException {
           int ev = parser.nextEvent();
           if (ev == JSONParser.OBJECT_START) {
    -        parseExtendedFieldValue(sif, ev);
    +        parseExtendedFieldValue(ev, sif);
           } else {
             Object val = parseNormalFieldValue(ev, sif);
    -    private void parseExtendedFieldValue(SolrInputField sif, int ev) 
throws IOException {
    +    private void parseExtendedFieldValue(int ev, SolrInputField sif) 
throws IOException {
           assert ev == JSONParser.OBJECT_START;
    -      SolrInputDocument extendedSolrDocument = 
    +      SolrInputDocument extendedSolrDocument = parseExtendedValueAsDoc(ev);
           if (isChildDoc(extendedSolrDocument)) {
    -        SolrInputDocument cDoc = new SolrInputDocument();
    -        for (Map.Entry<String, SolrInputField> extendedEntry: 
extendedSolrDocument.entrySet()) {
    -          cDoc.setField(extendedEntry.getKey(), 
    -        }
    -        sif.addValue(cDoc);
    +        sif.addValue(extendedSolrDocument);
           Object normalFieldValue = null;
           Map<String, Object> extendedInfo = null;
    -      for (String label: extendedSolrDocument.keySet() ) {
    -        Object fieldVal = extendedSolrDocument.get(label).getValue();
    -        if ("boost".equals(label)) {
    +      for (SolrInputField field: extendedSolrDocument) {
    +        Object fieldVal = field.getValue();
    +        String fieldName = field.getName();
    --- End diff --
    I can understand why you chose the names `fieldName` and `fieldVal` because 
you are getting this from a SolrInputField.  But recognize what's going on here 
is very unusual ... we are at this point treating this SolrInputDocument as if 
it were a map and not as a document.  Lets add comments about this very 
explicitly before we loop because this is so strange.  Maybe the `field` var 
could be named `entry`.  The _former_ name `label` (or perhaps `extLabel`) var 
name is much more appropriate as it is _not_ a treated as *field* label/name.  
Likewise, just choose `val` or `value` or `extValue`.
    Lets also add a bit of docs to parseExtendedFieldValue explain what this is 
for, since it's very non-obvious, I think.  Essentially, this is a JSON object 
that is _either_ a child doc, or it's a Map (used for atomic updates), or it's 
an outdated mechanism to specify the boost which is no longer in Lucene/Solr.


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