Hi all,

I've been investigating the use of Lucene as part of an application that
uses the Java Module System. Initially, I used Gradle to bring in
lucene-core, lucene-spatial and lucene-queries using version 8.5.0. This
works with the automated module naming. However, bringing in
lucene-queryparser (which depends on lucene-sandbox) or
lucene-analyzers-common causes errors such as:

"The package org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard is accessible from more
than one module: lucene.analyzers.common, lucene.core"

The Java module system does not handle different jar files using the same
package name which occurs throughout multiple maven artifacts.

Looking at the LUCENE issues, I found the task of moving to a minimum
version of Java 11, however, this does not mention the ability to be
compatible with the module system.  I also checked the git repository and
couldn't find the required changes to support the module system.


I looked through the dev list recent history but could not find anything
related. Are there any plans to support modules? Given, I saw there are a
number of other breaking changes happening with the move to Lucene 9.0,
would it be good to make those changes?


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