Hi Karl,

2018-04-02 16:38 GMT+02:00 Karl Wright <daddy...@gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> The next release of MCF is planned for April 30th.  At this time, it's a
> good idea to go through any tickets you have open, and decide whether you
> think you can finish them or not.  We usually like to cut the first release
> candidate around the 15th of the month, or in about 2 weeks.
> If I recall correctly, the major work that is still outstanding is
> Piergiorgio's work for output connectors for various repositories, to allow
> MCF to be used for repository sync purposes.  I'd love to see that work
> "tied up" finally, since it's been out of the main stream now for quite a
> while.

Yes I would like to finalize the synchronization of removed contents and
during the last Alfresco DevCon in Lisbon we (me and Luis) have replicated
the issue appeared during the execution of integration tests for the CMIS
Output Connector using Alfresco repos. I have replicated this issue on my
laptop I only need some time to debug, I hope to find some time soon, it
could be today or during the next week.

We could also add in the Books and presentations page [2] some material
(presentation and videos) that we have created for this conference in the
ManifoldCF website, you could see all on my related article [1]. If it is
ok for all of you I could create an issue and then work on adding this
material later.

Hope to have good news very soon :-P

[1] - https://www.open4dev.com/journal/2018/1/22/alfresco-
[2] - http://manifoldcf.apache.org/en_US/books-and-presentations.html

> Also, as always, if anyone wants to volunteer to be release manager for
> this release, I'd be happy to have the help and provide training.
> Thanks!
> Karl

Piergiorgio Lucidi

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